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The written word is at the very core of nonverbal communication.
It is maybe responsible for a big part of the advancement of civilization. The image of the written word transmits information before the word has been read and comprehended.
Type is communication, and communication is omnipresent.

Today we experience the most significant cesura in the production and consumption of typography since Johannes Gutenberg introduced his movable type printing press. The word is moving away from the printed page onto the computer screen and in a matter of only a few years printed newspapers, magazines and books will become all but history. Print will become a luxurious art in the same way and speed as digital photography has displaced photographic film.

I will navigate you through the enraged waters of this changing world and cater for the type solutions that meet the requirements of ever changing communication and output devices.

I’m specialized in type design and production of digital typefaces, both my own designs and those of others, including optimization for on-screen reading. I produce software related to type production as well as online services. Combined with my experience in visual communication and my network of professional partners we are able to pull almost anything.

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