Antithesis is based around the concept of tension between three unequal poles. The three members of the display family relate to each other in a very high visual contrast. The Regular is a rather slabby Serif, the Italic a connected Script and the Bold a rather fat Sans Serif. Each are designed to accompany any of the two others to create design with high visual tension.

In an attempt to create an interdisciplinary work of art, the typeface is being accompanied by a ten minute dance art music film about the Big Bang;).

Certificate of Excellence
by International Society of Typographic Designers (ISTD)
Yellow Pencil
by Designers & Art Directors (D&AD)
Honourable Mention:
Our Favorite Typefaces of 2014
Honourable Mention:
The Best Fonts of 2014
by Typefacts
Honourable Mention:
The Best Fonts of 2013 and 2014
by Fontwerk
Honourable Mention:
The Best of 2014
by FontShop

Please also read Marina Chaccur’s review of FF Antithesis for

»Types for the New Century« exhibition in the Museum of the Printing Arts in Leipzig, 2013

FF Antithesis was my graduation project for the Type & Media masters at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague where I studied type design in 2010/11.

Closing session of TYPO Berlin 2014. On screen: Long exposure photos of Trafo Pop’s LED stick with Yanone
FF Antithesis tote bags (made by FontShop) everywhere on TYPO Berlin 2014 ROOTS
Antithesis — TYPO Berlin Teaser
Germany’s ride-sharing platform uses Antithesis
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