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TypograVieh lebt

Together with two friends I head-organized a typography symposium in Weimar for three years, which had been kick-started by guest professor Alexander Branczyk two years earlier.

May 19th 2004

TypograVieh lebt: Internationales Sommertyposium

Akiem Helmling

Indra Kupferschmid

Stephan Pronto Müller

Henning Krause

Party: H.armless & Yanone



July 14th–16th 2005

TypograVieh lebt 2: Return of the T

Ernestine von der Osten-Sacken

Ralf Grauel

Juli Gudehus

Yang Liu

Ole Schäfer

Erik van Blokland

Alessio Leonardi

Party: Schleck & Stecker, H.armless, Summer of Love, Endich Frei, Funraiser, Move D, u.v.a.



June 3rd 2006

TypograVieh lebt 3: Lost in monospace

Heike Nehl + Sibylle Schlaich

Büro Uebele

Veronika Elsner + Günther Flake

Indra Kupferschmid

Luc[as] de Groot

Party: Pentatones, High Finesse, H.armless, Yanone



June 2nd 2007

TypograVieh lebt 4: KursIV

Judith Schalansky
(Fraktur mon Amour)

Alessio Leonardi

Rasmus Koch Studio

Hendrik Weber + Thomas Thiemich

Andreu Balius

Lars Harmsen

Ahmad Humeid

Anna Futura

Party: Peter Folk & The Band, H.armless



June 7th 2008

TypograVieh lebt 5: Dingbats Black To Light

Hubert Jocham

Andrea Tinnes

Johannes Bergerhausen

Tina Frank

Katharina Hölzl + Lars Harmsen

Party: Theeth’s Jam Band

In 2004 upon his arrival as a guest professor at the Bauhaus-University in Weimar, Berlin based designer Alexander Branczyk set up his group of Schnellmodus students to run a typography symposium. Running on no budget he invited mainly friends such as Akiem Helmling from Underware, Erik van Blokland from Letterror, Alessio Leonardi or Indra Kupferschmid to speak on the event. The students worked out the visual appearance, marketing, press contacts and ran the actual event, always accompanied by an extensive party at night to cover for the expenses. The symposium ran in 2004 as »TypograVieh lebt« and in 2005 with the addendum »Return of the T«. The Vieh in TypograVieh is German for animals or cattle, and was our humouristic take on the typography scene. Typogra-Animal lives!

Branczyk’s return to Berlin left a great hole in the typographic landscape of Weimar. Not only did we run the symposium twice, Branczyk also invited 60+ speakers to hold weekly lectures at the university.

Three students, including Benjamin Dahl, FRiTZe and myself, wouldn’t take the silence and went on to continue to organize the event. We ran it twice in 2006 and 2007 as »Lost in Monospace« and »kursIV«, still with a lot of support coming from Berlin and helping hands from friends in Weimar. But essentially we took on all tasks from design to financing ourselves.

The last symposium in 2008 (»Dingbats: Black to Light«) returned to its roots when Sibylle Schlaich and Heike Nehl of Berlin based office Moniteurs came to Weimar to supervise a group of 30 students to conduct the event one last time. I was still in charge of background organization, but all the main work was done by the many project participants that time.

For the visual appearance of the last three events I designed typefaces, two of them exclusively for the event. First up was Monospasz, which I later finished and started to sell, followed by a yet unpublished slab serif called »Flugblatt«. The last event sported the much revamped Kaffeesatz that was to become FF Kava soon after.


Please take a look at all the five year’s individual presentations at typogravieh-lebt.de

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